Wednesday, July 24, 2013


 see more crowns here!

$25 for a handmade personalized flower crown isn't bad considering the ones at urban outfitters are twice as much and sometimes even more than that and they all look the same...

Hit me up today :)...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bohemian chic

Hey fellow bloggers, i have a business venture that Im embarking on and i would love to share them with you.

Floral crowns have always been a big hit with the "hippie crowd" and summer festival goers. i have always had a flower child spirit and so for my birthday this year i wanted to wear a floral crown, so i googled and checked esty and they were so expensive more on  the lines of $50-100, which i feel was a bit excessive. i decided to just try to make my own and viola!!! i have gotten good feedback and just wanted to share it here. If you or anyone you know is interested please feel free to email me i want one.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Newest Obsession...eeeekkkk!!!!!

So maybe i am turning into this really mature soon to be 26 year old or i am just behind a tad, but i am completely and utterly obsessed with ZARA. I mean as many times as i have passed this store in the mall i was never intrigued by the mannequins, that is until one day... when i saw these vibrant floral slacks that i just knew i would die without (didn't have my size  -_-). i was bummed that they didn't have my size but happy at the same time that i was lured in because now i am hooked... The perfect way to describe this store is "the flower child that grew up". It gives you the i can work in a office and still have outrageous style without being too daring. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Here are a few of my fav looks from the site, oh and did i mention how great their shoes are!!! WINNING

 All of these great items and many more can be found at zara be sure to check for the nearest location to you and maybe you will have an amazing visit as i did :)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello Again!

It's been forever and a day!!! Now that tax season is over and i have sometime to breathe i might as well up date you all on what's been going on these last 4 months i have been away.

I work for an accounting office, we are normally a nice and quiet office but once mid January comes around things take a different route. I was a lot more prepared this year than i was last year, with it being my first tax season, so it was pretty breezy for me.

This month is always kinda hectic due to the very special hallmark holiday ST. VALENTINE'S DAY <3. i am such a fan of this holiday its unreal. I love the hearts and colors associated with it but more importantly i love the gifts that are strictly from the heart. That is why this year i decided to have cupcakes that my beau loves made with cute little vday decorations which were also edible.... they were so yummy
The toppers were chocolate and had edible glitter ... So YUMMY!!
Next, we had two major birthdays in my family. My little sister turned 16, oh the joy of being 16. I remember it as if it were yesterday. you're at the point where you are old enough to feel as though you're an adult but because you're still technically a kid no one takes you really serious. If i could go back in time to 16 i would definitely not take for granted the lack of responsibilities that i had and just enjoy being a KID. 

Whats a 21st birthday without Vegas ???? My little brother turned 21 and boy o boy did we have a blast VEGAS STYLE! My mom even joined in on the festivities and she stated that she had never had a hangover. Biggest mistake of her life admitting to your over 21 year old kids that you've never been drunk outta your mind (DID I MENTION WE WERE IN VEGAS), so we had a night in Vegas that we would never forget, but im almost positive my mom wants to forget the morning after that night hehehehehe!!!
Mr. Bragg and Ms. Taylor with the silly faces 

BDAY girl and I 
Maddycakes and I 

cutest dress ever, only got to wear it once because it got thrown away  by accident when i got back home 
brother from another, mom, bday boy, & 1 


MY WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION...this is what i have mostly been focused on since i been away my health has become important to me the older i get... picture A was auguest 2011 picture B was a little over a month ago... DETERMINATION!!!


END OF TAX SEASON, came and went a little faster now that i am no longer a newbie

got the Mr. Floor seats to see the Los Angeles clippers , such a fun experience !!
great seats at an even greater price 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Santa Baby...

Been awhile and I've boy have i missed you guys :).... been a busy girl at work and with the holidays coming so quickly things have been moving very  FAST!!!

Today the Mr. and I FINALLY got our tree i love holidays and decorating. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and i feel as though i am 8 years old again.



          D & A TILL THE END                                                      THE REINDEER IS READY!!



Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry Xmas to MOI :)

With the holidays approaching so fast, i feel that the next time i blink it will be the 25th.... i decided to do a little Christmas list just in case Santa has a blog (wink wink)....


MICHAEL By Michael Kors Hamilton Tote
I love LOve LOVE this bad style its so cute and chic... this is at the top of my list in every color. I also love the ones with a little embellishments, but you can never go wrong with the basic. Very affordable as well, so you get the designer name plus and great looking bad at a EXCELLENT price.


 when it comes to Jewelry and accessories i am not a flashy flashy girl.... i love simple yet fun pieces.
1. the hoops arent real but theyre fab i like the chunky look that they have
2. i love the bracelet-ring look, they are fun for dressing up the simplest outfits. TOPSHOP
3. Juicy Couture Wrap bracelet. Fun and chic... great for gifting as a friendship or sistership bracelet.
4. Just last year i purchased my first watch and it happened to be a fossil. great, reliable, and stylish
5. Simple symbol like bracelet. TOPSHOP
6. Cant go wrong with the chain earrings... TOPSHOP


 JEFFREY CAMPBELLSSSSSS!!!! Although these are both similar i want both... i am very short just at 5'1' and tall shoes are my weakness.
My mister is a shoe addict so it's only right that i put Jordans on my list.... He has made is addiction our addiction.... 


 BEENIES.... so cute and comfy, much girly than a cap because theres no brim so you can show off your full beautiful face... i love the beenie with curls look. also keeps your head warm in winter time :)