Thursday, May 23, 2013

Hello Again!

It's been forever and a day!!! Now that tax season is over and i have sometime to breathe i might as well up date you all on what's been going on these last 4 months i have been away.

I work for an accounting office, we are normally a nice and quiet office but once mid January comes around things take a different route. I was a lot more prepared this year than i was last year, with it being my first tax season, so it was pretty breezy for me.

This month is always kinda hectic due to the very special hallmark holiday ST. VALENTINE'S DAY <3. i am such a fan of this holiday its unreal. I love the hearts and colors associated with it but more importantly i love the gifts that are strictly from the heart. That is why this year i decided to have cupcakes that my beau loves made with cute little vday decorations which were also edible.... they were so yummy
The toppers were chocolate and had edible glitter ... So YUMMY!!
Next, we had two major birthdays in my family. My little sister turned 16, oh the joy of being 16. I remember it as if it were yesterday. you're at the point where you are old enough to feel as though you're an adult but because you're still technically a kid no one takes you really serious. If i could go back in time to 16 i would definitely not take for granted the lack of responsibilities that i had and just enjoy being a KID. 

Whats a 21st birthday without Vegas ???? My little brother turned 21 and boy o boy did we have a blast VEGAS STYLE! My mom even joined in on the festivities and she stated that she had never had a hangover. Biggest mistake of her life admitting to your over 21 year old kids that you've never been drunk outta your mind (DID I MENTION WE WERE IN VEGAS), so we had a night in Vegas that we would never forget, but im almost positive my mom wants to forget the morning after that night hehehehehe!!!
Mr. Bragg and Ms. Taylor with the silly faces 

BDAY girl and I 
Maddycakes and I 

cutest dress ever, only got to wear it once because it got thrown away  by accident when i got back home 
brother from another, mom, bday boy, & 1 


MY WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION...this is what i have mostly been focused on since i been away my health has become important to me the older i get... picture A was auguest 2011 picture B was a little over a month ago... DETERMINATION!!!


END OF TAX SEASON, came and went a little faster now that i am no longer a newbie

got the Mr. Floor seats to see the Los Angeles clippers , such a fun experience !!
great seats at an even greater price 

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