Saturday, December 1, 2012

Merry Xmas to MOI :)

With the holidays approaching so fast, i feel that the next time i blink it will be the 25th.... i decided to do a little Christmas list just in case Santa has a blog (wink wink)....


MICHAEL By Michael Kors Hamilton Tote
I love LOve LOVE this bad style its so cute and chic... this is at the top of my list in every color. I also love the ones with a little embellishments, but you can never go wrong with the basic. Very affordable as well, so you get the designer name plus and great looking bad at a EXCELLENT price.


 when it comes to Jewelry and accessories i am not a flashy flashy girl.... i love simple yet fun pieces.
1. the hoops arent real but theyre fab i like the chunky look that they have
2. i love the bracelet-ring look, they are fun for dressing up the simplest outfits. TOPSHOP
3. Juicy Couture Wrap bracelet. Fun and chic... great for gifting as a friendship or sistership bracelet.
4. Just last year i purchased my first watch and it happened to be a fossil. great, reliable, and stylish
5. Simple symbol like bracelet. TOPSHOP
6. Cant go wrong with the chain earrings... TOPSHOP


 JEFFREY CAMPBELLSSSSSS!!!! Although these are both similar i want both... i am very short just at 5'1' and tall shoes are my weakness.
My mister is a shoe addict so it's only right that i put Jordans on my list.... He has made is addiction our addiction.... 


 BEENIES.... so cute and comfy, much girly than a cap because theres no brim so you can show off your full beautiful face... i love the beenie with curls look. also keeps your head warm in winter time :)

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