Friday, May 24, 2013

Newest Obsession...eeeekkkk!!!!!

So maybe i am turning into this really mature soon to be 26 year old or i am just behind a tad, but i am completely and utterly obsessed with ZARA. I mean as many times as i have passed this store in the mall i was never intrigued by the mannequins, that is until one day... when i saw these vibrant floral slacks that i just knew i would die without (didn't have my size  -_-). i was bummed that they didn't have my size but happy at the same time that i was lured in because now i am hooked... The perfect way to describe this store is "the flower child that grew up". It gives you the i can work in a office and still have outrageous style without being too daring. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Here are a few of my fav looks from the site, oh and did i mention how great their shoes are!!! WINNING

 All of these great items and many more can be found at zara be sure to check for the nearest location to you and maybe you will have an amazing visit as i did :)

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