Friday, October 26, 2012

JUST DO IT already!

I have struggled with weight gain for the last 2 years. I finally got to the point where i said enough is enough, January of this year. I was at my biggest ,168 pounds, lets keep in mind i am only 5'2' at the very MOST so being this size is unacceptable. I was not comfortable wearing jeans and certain material of clothing. I started to notice my face breaking out more and i was slowly but surely becoming an unhealthy, overweight 24 year old. I think most people are in denial until they become obese and only then it's a problem. Admit it no one wants to think of themselves as being overweight, but that is the first step....ADMIT IT, once you have come to realization, then you can start to make changes.

So that January day that i stepped on a scale in Walmart, and it read 168. I said to myself that things HAD to change. Now we all want to drink a magic drink or take a magic pill and VIOLA, we have the perfect body, lets face it people it doesn't work that way. The first thing i did was a cleanse. In order to get your outer appearance right you must work within. Remove those toxins people, there are things inside of you that you wouldn't believe. Next, which was actually the first step, i gave up on fast food. That's the worst $h!t you can put in your body. Homemade is always better option, even if it's a burger. 

Next thing is to be active and stay active. Find something you love and stick with it. I changed up my eating and cleansed my body and from just that i lost maybe 10 to 15 pounds, but i wanted to lose more. I began hiking every Sunday @ Fryman Canyon, which is a great start up trail and i would also do a Jillian Michaels workout video about 3 times a week. When my BIG 25th birthday rolled around in May i was down to 150 pounds, that's 18 pounds in 4 four months. I was so proud of myself, but i wanted to lose MORE!!! I continued with the working out and semi-healthy eating but my weight was at stand still, my body was bored. 

August 1st i decided to join weight watchers, by then i was fluctuating between 150 and 155, but no matter what i did i couldn't get under 150. I got off track a little with the work out videos, i just had not interest in them anymore. The beginning of September is when i made the decision to join the gym. I had dreaded the gym because i didn't think i was the gym type. i always told myself i could do this without having to pay for a membership. WRONG!!!. A month into me joining the gym and i am down to 146, I GOT OVER THE HUMP :). 

16  more pounds to go to get to my goal and i am so close i can taste it. Don't ever give up or give in because if you just push your body a little bit more each time you will find yourself doing things you once thought was impossible... JUST DO IT ALREADY!!!


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    1. Thank you.... I appreciate the love, consider yourself followed :)

  2. Awwww this is sooo good! I am very proud of you! Self realization is the hardest thing! Keep up the good work Niecey Poo!